Loring Standings and Stuff

Video and photos are starting to come in. Here’s one from Jim Turner: https://youtu.be/ILXG9Bm1K7E

If you have any good ones feel free to share!

Nina Fleming got some shots between start line duty: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gnwecrvxbmsk2gv/AAD4DylN1O7HkoYh2DCZBOIka?dl=0

The online swag shop will be active until the end of the week, after that you’re on your own. shirts, jackets, sweats, etc: https://easternlandsailing.itemorder.com/

Speaking of which, Big thanks to Gill for passing out neck gaiters!

The complete standings are as follows. Ninth and tenth place in the BloKarts is Grandfather Wayne and Grandson Aiden from Wisconsin. They are separated by just six points, and each beat the other in half the races.

Unlimited Class:

1. Bill Buchholz, Standart
2. Rich Henning, custom pipe boat
3. Milo Fleming, Mini Skeeter
4. Kent/Adkins, DN
5. Jim Turner, Mini Skeeter
6.John Stanton, Fed 5

BloKart Class:

1. Dave Lussier
2. Jim Nordhaus
3. Dan Clapp
4. BB Hredocik
5. Mike Denning
6. Daniel Hearn
7. Rich Buldoff
8. Kate Morrone
9. Wayne Schmidelin
10. Aiden Schmidelin
11. Charlie Kirstein
12. Ed Davis
13. Lars Barber
14. George Williams
15. Stephan McKeeman
16. Sandi Healy
17. James Day
18. Ed Kellar

Just this morning we have locked in the dates September 9-12 for the next regatta. Same Thursday-Sunday schedule.

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