More Details on Fall Regatta

A couple of us sailed at Loring yesterday, finding more routes through and around the flightline. Squalls blew through between full sun, chasing us back to the pits seeking shelter from the storm. It’s such an amazing place to sail land yachts, so if you’re on the fence about coming to the Fall Regatta I can assure you that if you come, you won’t regret it. Sign up soon! The gang from Wisconsin is coming back, as are the Jersey Boys. Jeff Kent and Chad Adkins have a top secret land sailor in the works, and we’re hoping the Mini Skeeter fleet will grow.

With that in mind, here are a couple of pdf’s with all you need to know, and then some. It’s the same material from the previous post in a pdf format. Go to the site for the sign-up sheet.

2021 (SEP) Loring NOR (F).pdf

2021 (SEP) Loring SI (D).pdf

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