Loring Landsailing Update

Just a couple of things as we head down the home stretch to five fabulous days of land yachting it Loring. Our beloved hangar has been rented out, so we won’t be using it this time. We have arranged for a big tent instead. It will be at the west end of those two hangars, near the bathroom buildings. Can’t miss it; it will be set up either late Wednesday or first thing Thursday.

Wednesday, September 8 has been added to the schedule. There will be scratch racing, touring, the usual fun. If Thursday turns out to be a perfect day for racing we might try to get a few in provided there are enough yachts.

Here’s the link to the site where we have the roster and where the race results will be tabulated and posted. Thanks to Deb Whitehorse and Ann Foeller for organizing this.

Sailwave results for 2021 EASTERN LANDSAILING FALL REGATTA at Loring Air Force Base, Limestone, Maine 2021

If you are planning to come and don’t see you name on the list, get that check in the mail!


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