Ice and Club Report

I visited again, around 1:30 pm today. The ice near the shore is now more like 1.25 inch thick. I didn’t walk out more than a few feet (since I left my swim suit at home), but there was a guy there who had put out a few ice fishing traps. He said that 15 or 20 feet out (as far as he went), the ice was about 2.5 inches thick.

There were also numerous incipient pressure ridges.

In big boat racing news, all Skeeters that sail in ISA events have the letter designations of their club on the sails. If the file below will open, all the clubs in the USA and their letters are there.

ISA Sail Letters.xlsx

New member Jack Wright just bought the old Ray Ruge A Skeeter from David Jones and wants to make it official, with his own number. The CIBC Board has decided to register with the ISA and the next question was: with what letters? The NIEYA recently got NE as they have two C Skeeters which might go to the ISA someday (Fred, George…?) Tom Nichols suggested we use the letters form the now defunct Lake Wallenpaupack Club, of which he was a member. (then he gets to keep his letters!) The letters are XX.

What this would do for the club is to give it voting rights at ISA meetings, so even if just one of us goes there, the East will have a voice. As far as I know, there are no more Eastern Skeeters going to ISA regattas. As most of you know I’ve long been trying to get a flock of Whizz to go out there and put on a show. If that were to actually happen, at least we’d more official than the ragtag gang we really are!

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  1. George Neyssen says:

    The letter designation for the Connecticut Ice Yacht Club is “C”, which is on all my sails.

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