Ice Today, Gone Tomorrow

Just like Plymouth Pond last week, we had a one day wonder on Pushaw today. The temps finally dropped back to where they belong this time of year and the lake wound up with between 2 1/4 and 2 3/4”. There were thin areas in the middle as well as some soft water pools. The ice in the photo below was smooth as glass.

Given half a chance this plate would have developed into a first class sailing venue. Sadly, weather is moving in with no easy outcomes.

Seven skaters and a set of twins in pram skated the west side perimeter from the bay south of Goulds Landing all the way around to the point at the entrance to Lucky Landing.

There was a massive beaver hut in the marshes.

You can see it in the background, the big pile of dirt, but what’s really interesting is the line of bubbles in the ice leading from the mound to the open hole, the Beaver family’s front door.

Thanks to Bob Lombardo for keeping an eye on Pushaw.

All eyes will be on all the lakes as this next system passes through. No telling what we might wind up with, but if it’s even half of this, that’s a five and we’ll sail it. We were treated to early ice on Sabattus last season, lets watch it.


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