Graham Lake Sailing Monday

It’s a foggy day in Downeast Maine. We know that fog eats snow, but what does it do to ice? When last checked, Graham had 4.5” of good ice protected with a half inch of crusty snow. Light rain has likely taken care of the crust, now the ice needs to hang in there for another twenty-four hours before it gets cold again. More drizzle and fog is expected tomorrow.But Monday looks to be a stellar day. The entire lake is potentially sailable. Tuesday is looking good as well.

This is looking south, about halfway up the lake, taken last Monday, but a week is a lifetime for ice.

We’ll be launching from the south end boat launch ramp, just west of the dam. Take Eagle Rd off Rt. 180 a couple of miles north of Rt. 1a.

There are two known hazards: a tennis court size hole about 3/4 mile north of the dam, about in the middle of the lower bay. This will need to be marked. The other is a pressure ridge coming off the point on the west side of the narrows, about a third of the way north. It’s been crossed close along the east shore in some rough ice.

Again, all this could have changed but the only way to find out for sure is to show up. Please do not take off up the lake alone. The lake needs to be scouted.

Happy New Year, Happy Sailing!

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