Day Three on Dammy

Light to no air in the morning confounded the forecast. Driving in, most flags along the road were bar tight. The perennial question of what sail to rig went round and round. The matter was finally resolved by the wind itself, which came in with enough ummph to send a trailer rolling away down the lake, along with helmets, sail bags, stands, and anything else not weighed down. Thankfully, the boats with sails rigged were facing head to wind and just got a good shake.

It settled in to a steady twenty, so it was storm sails all around. The SW wind was driving right up the River. Boats short tacked up and sleigh rode down, timing the tacks and gybes to lay the crooked turns just right. Magnificent sailing.

There were gaggles of skaters and skate sailors, all taking advantage of this amazing stretch of excellent conditions.

A trio of die hards made a run for the Narrows in the last of the breeze, now down to a whisper. Two out of three made it through before realizing it would be a very long walk home. The boats coasted from puff to puff all the back to the pits, making for an wonderfully calm coda to the blasts of the day.

The plan is to de-camp to Lake Megunticook on Friday, Bob Bridge launch. Wind tomorrow is light and variable. Thee’s a chance of light snow Friday. Speaking of which, we had just that this morning at Vannah Rd. It was sailable, but after the joy of smooth ice yesterday it was mildly disappointing. But that mighty gust mentioned earlier? The plate went from white to black in the blink of an eye!

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  1. Steve Lynch, Iceboat Quicksilver says:

    This was a great write-up! Well written, descriptive and exciting. Thank you!

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