Iceboating Wrap-Up 1/24

It’s bigger than we thought: in addition to all the fleets mentioned yesterday, there were two DN’s on Norton Pond in Lincolnville, and a pair of Lockley’s on dear old Chicky. So nice that she still gets some attention every now and then. That said, the coming snow will wipe out most of the sailable ice in Maine and New Hampshire, but two coastal lakes could dodge the white bullet: Walker Pond and Lake Chickawaukee. These are both so close to the sea that if the snow turns to rain alongshore these two will benefit. Will we be called back to our roots? Is racing round the marks in the cards?Or will the ice look more like this:

We left Dammy today after a delightful morning of light air. A fleet of five boats met at the pressure ridge, crossed both ways and then headed down the River. A fools mission in light air, but as this was the last chance perhaps before spring we went for it. After a tight match race to the bottom we rounded up to dead telltales, limp yarn, not a puff. A few of the boats didn’t make it all the way. Fortunately it was upwind back and we managed to find just enough puffs to keep moving. Wonderfully technical sailing, aided by good alignment and well tuned boats.

Keep iceboating in your minds eye as we work through the white stuff. Its been two weeks straight of fabulous conditions throughout the region. The wind left us today in the early afternoon, so there was plenty of time to reflect on our extraordinary good fortune. There was no rush to pack up boats and be gone. Being there was it. The crunch of cleats on ice, a tune that’s been ringing in our ears all this time, played an encore.

A lingering cup of coffee, one for the road, and that was it. The pits left as we found them, the ice beautiful, oblivious to it’s impending doom.

A meditation channel until we meet again.

Last, best of luck to all the DN racers chasing ice out west. The Nationals venue has been changed from Madison to Princeton, Illinois because of snow and bitter cold. What a great sport!

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