A Few More Comments

Thanks to all who chimed in on this discussion. It’s important to have these conversations. This is the end for now. Fun posts and ice reports from here on in.

At the NEIYA pre-season gathering at the Thompson Speedway, one of the more experienced sailors told the story of going through the ice on Winnipesaukee last winter. As one of the relative ‘newbies’ (DN since 2019) I thought this was helpful and constructive. This experienced sailor took the time to explain how going through the ice had occurred – even to an experienced sailor – and what he did that made a difference. What a great way to learn from a voice of experience! My thanks to him and the NEIYA leadership for doing that. Peter Boynton (DN2864 & W-8)


Not an ice sailor but have followed here for a few years. Suggest that Flying magazine be considered for models of how to balance enthusiasm and safety. There are three columns of interest. I LEARNED ABOUT FLYING FROM THAT- individual pilot stories of lessons from exercising poor judgment. AFTERMATH – analysis of NTSB accident reports. TECHNICALITIES – discourse on principles of design and aerodynamics, power plants, airframes, myth-busting and etc

Each are eminently readable and highly instructive.

How such approaches might be incorporated into this blog format, I can’t say.
Perhaps among you there are respected “specialists” who would contribute occasional or regular pieces

I earned a Private Pilot Single-Engine Land & Sea license many years ago. Reading Flying and AOP Pilot taught me why it was time to quit. But before that decision they helped me be a better, safer Pilot.

Perhaps your club members will see useful parallels. At any rate…

Have fun and thanks for the opportunity to comment. Anon.

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