Sailing Roundup 2/15

This just in from Pat Keeley on Jordan Bay:

Unscouted, as far as we know, but this is looking south out of Jordan bay with Squaw Island in the distance. Looks better than Dammy.

Tomorrow a few boats will be sailing out of Wolfboro Bay into the south end of Winnipesaukee. Is a Hardway in the offing? Stand by for some new guidelines.

Today on Dammy the west wind gave a wonderful fetch of the entire lake. One could run from the very bottom near Damariscotta Mills and lay the very north end in downtown Jefferson in one tack.

Here’s the fleet preparing for the Run to Lunch.

And below, the one’s that made it, moored snugly in the North River. It was a fast downwind landing but the snow banks made excellent brakes. The photo is taken from the bridge that was too low for a mast to clear so the rounding up had to happen one way or another.

The food at the Jefferson Cafe is highly recommended, but even better is the sunny window where all traces of cold vanish.

Odd weather the next few days. More moderate winds predicted for Winni, but crazy around here. Two boats are still on the ice, Bunting and Wolfie. Check with them if you want to sail. And Jordan Bay?

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