Hello All,

I just returned from Wolfeboro, and thought I  would share. I chose to leave at 1700, as waiting for all to gather at Wolfeboro restaurant would require that I do something to kill more than an hour, such as drink. As much as I would have enjoyed that I chose to drive home to Biddo. That is one of the reasons I am sharing, I drove into a freakin’ BLIZZARD, zero visibility, blowing stink. I actually pulled over for about ten minutes after following a freaking sand truck out of town with 6 other wackos directly behind me. It was snowing and blowing HARD, I hope that the ice survived and all the snow blew into outer space. When I got 10 or fifteen miles east the snow eased, so the disturbance was local, or is that loco. 

My boat still is on the ice, I hope that the wind has blown most of the snow out of it, we will see in the morning. Will we try and get to Center Harbor on Sunday, that all depends if we care to attempt. NOAA weather forecast is 5-10 MPH wind. NOAA was TOTALLY inaccurate today, finger crossed. I must continue my gear husbandry, see you on the ice.


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  1. Jos Ruks says:

    Arrived around noon at brewers beach. Hardly a breeze anymore (should have come earlier). By 2.30 the wind picked up unexpectedly. By 3.30 it was really blowing.
    I had the best time of this year so far. Thrilling speed, beautiful sunny and great chats with sailors. Love it!
    Jos (novice) Portland, me

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