Monotype XV racing in Estonia

While all of Europe holds its collective breath, one of the most vulnerable former Soviet republics goes about business as usual. Looks like excellent spring ice, so the heck with war or work, we’re going iceboat racing.

Even the kids came out for an ice opti regatta:

The Estonians have built quite a few new Monotypes XV in the last decade.

Check out the buildings in the background. Looks like one of the many ghosts of the Soviet era. The tower is mysterious.

Hoping for ice so nice soon in Maine.

Thanks to Henry Bosset for the photos.

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    Hi Bill- My family and I just returned from the 42nd annual (2022) World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships in Tallinn, Estonia. There were 99 competitors from 11 countries sailing kites, sleds, and wings. We sailed on Lake Maardu, but when it was time for the Short Track Slalom, we needed clear ice, so we traveled to Haapsalu, Estonia which is where those photos from this iceboat race were taken! There were quite a few large abandoned mysterious buildings, and that tower looked spooky. Let me find some photos from our adventure in case you’d like to share our story? Thanks, Kim Tuthill. 

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