Damariscotta Lake ON

After reports from South Twin trickled in, it became clear that we have the best conditions right here at this time.

Mostly smooth grey ice. There was an inch of ice over an inch of slush, over about 7” of hard ice today. There’s a very good chance this will be buttoned up tomorrow.

A little pebbly in the pit area, but smoother further out. No sign of motorized ruts this time. Ice is tight to the shore at the beach.

Looking north from Wavus, the old pressure ridge has laid down and dried.

Launch from Lake Farm Circle.

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  1. Tracey Metzger says:

    Hi Bill!

    I changed the minimum on the site to 2 nights but if anyone needs 1 night for the Lake Farm I’d be happy to accommodate.

    Just have them reach out at tracey@danariscottalakefarm.com

    Happy sailing!


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