Guertin Report

There is a place far, far away, where the ice runs clear for thirty miles and the wind blows across hard right across it, where you sheet in, cleat it and drive the boat for all it’s worth the whole way. Protected behind a wall of paperwork, no American sailor has seen this parad’ice.

But there is one hearty Canadian who took up the challenge today on the big wind and big ice, and gave it his all. By 10:00 he’d clocked twenty miles. Just before lunch he scored the coveted CIBC mile a minute award:

That’s 69 mph.

Lloyd Roberts had an old saying: “there’s no dis-honor in pushing your boat to the edge of destruction at the end of the season”.

Taking Lloyd’s sage advise, Denis did just that, and then some. He’s in the market for a new mast!

We admire your spirt, Denis, and will get you rigged up before we sail next!

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