Spring Sailing

Happy Day One of Spring. It’s a lovely day to clean the yard, roll out the soft water boat, cut brown tail moth nests from trees. This is also the time of year where we have big temperature swings. If your runners are in a trailer or in an unheated space there’s a good chance they will be covered in moisture as the cold steel condenses water from the warm damp air. Result: rust. If they don’t get attention the rust will deepen and eventually cause nicks in the edge.

Here’s Lac Ste. Francois in Quebec a couple of days ago as reported by Denis Guertin. It’s only gotten better since. Looks like Tuesday will give the magic combo of good wind, low temps and hard ice. Your editor has navigated through the Covid Curtain and will be there.
Tuesday might be a good day for South Twin as well for those more domestically inclined.

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