CIBC Spring Meeting

From Secretary Rindlaub:

“Fifteen iceboaters and their significant others gathered on the sunny deck of Camp Kieve last Sunday for the CIBC annual spring meeting, overlooking Lake Damariscotta, followed by a potluck lunch.

President Bill Buchholz began the meeting with a welcome to a new member, Jost. Being Dutch, Bill has nicknamed him “Jost van Dyke,” after the BVI island and it seems to have stuck. His real last name is Roos, we think. Also of note was that Denis Guertin was in attendance with his wife Caroline all the way from Canada.

Bill presented an appreciation awards of a CIBC coat to your secretary (Curtis Rindlaub) and the Warner St. Clair award to Treasurer Jim Gagnon.

Jim presented the treasurer’s report. Income from membership and book sales was offset by expenses for a net gain of $1476, with $6894 in the bank. Discussion followed about the possibility of getting the membership list onto phones, as perhaps a pdf or contact list, and/or getting it on the website in some password protected way. Future expenses might include a 360 degree camera. Many thanks to Denis for his videos, which promote the sport and the club.

Racing was discussed. The finishers of the Link davis regatta were conjured from memory as 1. Guy Polllyblank, 2. Michael Young, 3. Tyler Vorman, 4. Dave Fortier, 5. Jim Gagnon, 6. Jeff Rosenberry. Bill Bunting suggested making available a set of marks that could be used closer to the pits for those who wanted to practice.

Parking at the Vannah Road boat launch was discussed. Mike Ball’s property across the street and toward the neck seems to have an ideal piece of land on Ice Palace Lane that could serve as off-street parking. Bill Bunting knew Mike’s brother, so Bill will ask for permission.

Safety and communication was discussed. While the website posting is one-sided, without the ability to have feedback, a large text thread with random chiming in becomes long and confusing, as experienced by Bill Buchholz when sailing out west. It was decided that our ice posting system is good, and that if smaller groups have found ice and are planning to sail it and want others to join, they should let Bill know, and he will post their plans.

Curtis proposed a smaller text thread, formed as boats head out to sail that is only used for safety and logistics, as a way to quickly let a whole group know what is going on should boats get separated. The group agreed to try this.

A few iceboating stories came up, including Frank losing a chock in Quebec, cobbling it together to sail home, fixing it in 45 minutes, and heading out again to complete a 120-mile day. The Lambs almost had a Hardway in the bag, but one of their group of three about faced and sailed for the pits with no discussion of his plans. By the time the Lambs caught up with him, it was too late to attempt the sail to Center Harbor. A text list might have been helpful in this instance. The next day, conditions were bad.

Meeting was adjourned, and a delicious lunch and catch-up time followed. Thanks to all who brought the good eats.”

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