New Years Ice

There’s not much good news to report as we move into 2023. The ice we had last week after the big freeze is in retreat. But the season is still young and we have many great days of sailing ahead. Later in the week we get back to cold temps and if the ice survives up north then we might find something. A few of the shallower lakes around Millinocket have frozen, and Pushaw might come back. Quebec is still in play.

Meanwhile, here’s a nice tease from last week somewhere in New York state. Follow the black ice road:

The DN World Championships and North Americans are starting January 23 somewhere in the Western Region. We have an impressive contingent from New England participating, probably the biggest for a distant regatta in a long time. Here’s who’s signed up so far:

Ed Demerest, Jay Whitehair, Paul Chamberland, T. Theiler, Rick Bishop, Eben Whitcomb, Karen Binder, John Stanton, Bill Buchholz, Jeff Roseberry, Milo Fleming, Peter Truesdale, Richard Gluckman,
Chris Gordon, Chad Adkins, Jeff Kent, Chris Miller, Scott Valentine, and a few others still on the fence.

Go Team New England!


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