Nice Ice

Acting on a tip from a skater Facebook page which told of a half inch of new ice on Lake St. George, we chose to skip the trip Downeast to Mopang and take a long shot on local ice. Looking from a rise along the road it appeared that there was part of the lake under old snow, and then quite a bit of new ice. There was a find dust of fresh snow, but the plate turned out to be absolutely heavenly. Two and a quarter inches of something not quite black ice, but softer and dead flat. Black ice has large crystal facets that return a satisfying clickity-clack, satisfying probably because you know you’re on black ice.

The bay at the boat launch ramp was part of the new plate. Access to the rest of the lake was blocked by snow, but with the wind blowing up and down the bay gave us some fine sailing.. There are a few large holes along the far side of the bay.

Sadly, there is no more wind in the forecast before big rain moves in later in the week. The lake could certainly be scouted and toured on skates. The quality of the surface is extraordinary.

Back at the shop Ben Fuller set of his new stern steerer STREAK for the first time. Everything looks great and ready to go, so look forward to seeing Ben out there soon sporting the finest of nineteenth century iceboating clothes.

There are two more of this class in Massachusetts; all three plan to put on a good show at the NEIYA Vintage Returns.

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  1. J. Maloney says:

    Hey Bill – Last month I let Jim Gagnon know that my DN is for sale. It’s at my shop on Southport. I built it in 1986. Kenyon rig. Hallett Sail. Sarns runner blades. $1500.
    J. Maloney 207 721 1748

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