Pushaw Sailing ON

The south end, which was 4” of new black ice before the recent rain, is now down to three. It’s still hard, no rot. The north end, which is the older plate and much thicker, was covered in snow. It has been reported to be wet out (or close to it: intel unclear). There are cracks, pressure ridges and unknown hazards.

This is the bay around the corner and a bit south from Goulds Landing. That’s Dollar Island in the middle distance.

Then there’s some of this stuff, too.

Anyone up for careful scouting, slow sailing and paying attention, welcome to Pushaw! Strong winds forecast!

9:00 at Goulds Landing.

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1 Response to Pushaw Sailing ON

  1. Bob Mac Ewen says:

    I didn’t see your post until 10 AM today. It looks like great ice. Sorry I missed it.

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