Damariscotta Lake Ice Report

The big rains the other day worked wonders on the ice. The snow all wetted out, drain holes are minimal and the smooth grey surface is an easy grade eight.

The edge, as you can see, is slightly compromised but can be easily stepped over. This is the view from the launch at Vannah Rd. Parking is tough with the snow plow berms.

This close up looks much better. Thickness is seven inches; top two of slush ice and bottom five black.

Speaking of thickness, it what the plot does as we move north. Checking from near the narrows found only three inches, and not a great three. Top two slush ice, bottom inch black.

It’s good enough to walk on, but not much else.

A skating scouting party will explore north from Vannah Rd. to find the transition point. The north end, below, is about like the narrows, but the access is very bad.

Good news is that the entire lake appears to be buttoned up and temps later this week should add thickness. Wednesday looks very promising with nice wind and sunshine. The flag is up…!

Congratulations to all the New Englanders who did so well at the Worlds and North Americans this past week in Wisconsin. And to those who didn’t do so well, too. Young Milo Fleming placed third in his first NA race. Sadly, his coach, who loaned him the perfect runners for those tough conditions, failed to place the proper stickers on the runners so he was given a DSQ. Nonetheless, a 3rd is a 3rd!

Photo by Cathy Firmbach

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