That title has two meanings: one is Wed-Thus-Fri, the other has to do with the latest forecast.

So just so we all can see now what we won’t be seeing tomorrow, here are photos from Dammy today.

The first scouting was from the launch on Rt 213, on the River. Ramp was nice, good parking, ice just fine, but the old pinch point was being its nasty old self and presented this mess. That limited the amount of sailing acreage.

There was an interesting patch of acne on part of the plate. Must be because it’s young ice.

All the drain holes are fully healed and as fascinating as ever.

Checking the north end from Camp Wavus was more hopeful. A tad thicker than the south end, nice surface, and ok access. The usual pressure ridge emanating from Wavus Point is off to a lazy start, just a healed crack.

Below, looking north towards Lake Farm:

And it’s similar view south towards the narrows. This is much flatter and smoother than it looks. Often, pictures enhance the ice quality, but it’s the opposite here.

The north end would have been the go-to plate if not for the brutally shocking WTF forecast. It will take a lot of courage to open your eyes tomorrow morning, but if you see more brown than white, We’re ON!

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