In A Silent Way

Snow makes the world still. It makes iceboaters sit still, tending the home fire. But all I am asking, is give snow a chance. As we learned in Wisconsin last week, snow can be lots of fun. So what if all your gear is wet and you can’t find that dropped clevis pin. In the right conditions it can be amazing. Snow stilled runners today. It was just light enough and the ice just soft enough to create a running surface that made no noise. There was an occasional bump or crack, but aside from that only the rush of the wind. The entire lake was the same top to bottom.
Two Mini Skeeters and a Whizz sailed north to the top of the lake for lunch as the wind began to build.Then it was six miles upwind, though the narrows and into Deep Cove. Damariscotta Lake in a Southwesterly is perfect. The wind blows right up the narrows and most of the lake is upwind-downwind.

Big Tip Of The Hemet to Bob MacEwen for organizing this outing. And we were encouraged by yesterday’s bottom to top skate and ski made by Jamie Haskins, Abby Morrison and Dog. We came across their tracks many times:

Jordan Bay has froze and will probably provide a decent plate by Sunday given the deep cold for the next forty-eight hours. Winnie is also coming in around the edges.

The lesson from today is to take every long shot shitty forecast and just get out there and try, Your correspondent went today with minimal clothing, no lunch, no water bottle, figuring he’d be home for lunch happy to have warmed up the trailer bearings. They say “show up and pray”, but why isn’t it “pray and show up”? Either way, Bob made it happen today, in his own silent way.

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