Thompson Lake 2/6

A fine day of sailing on a plate about two miles by one, five and a half inches thick, clear as glass. Got a little wet as temps climbed into the high thirties, but no one was complaining. Winds ten-twelve with wonderful gusts, right down the center. There were two Whizz, two DN’s and two Mini Skeeters. Match racing all around.

Black Ice to the horizon.

Ghosting along in light air before the wind came up.

Tyler’s first sail of the year. The image from the scouting party was just too much too bear.

Speaking of which, huge thanks to Eddie Zelonish and his group of skaters for scouting this plate on Saturday. Remember Saturday? -20 degrees with plus 20 winds? Just an amazing accomplishment.

With smiles no less! Such is the intoxication of Black Ice.

The wind held until dark, two DN’s duking it out ’til dusk.

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