Sailing In maine

If you have any interest in racing DN’s, please see previous post, load up the boat and split! Kingston is a lovely city, especially in winter.

For the touring set, we’ll be giving Dammy a shot tomorrow. Not sure yet what the surface will turn out to be, or not to be, which is a big question. But it will be cold, there will be a nice wind coming on at around noon, and then similar, but warmer, on Sunday. We sailed both days last weekend. Can we do it again? Come try.

Plan on meeting at Lake Farm at around ten. That was if we gat skunked we can all retreat to the Jefferson Cafe and have lunch!

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2 Responses to Sailing In maine

  1. Craig Breismeister says:

    Does any one in the Maine group have an extra ice boat? I’m trying to entice my son to come iceboating with me and if he could borrow an ice boat for the day it would be great. It’s a four hour drive from SW NH for us.

  2. Jeff Van Peski says:


    I enjoy reading your emails. I met you years go through Paul Cartwright. Or heard of you, I don’t remember. But in any case, I am interested in ice sailing and am grateful that you put me on the list. I wanted to give you some feedback: to someone who is just getting to know the local scene, the emails can be a bit confusing and feel like they are in code. For instance, I have no idea what Dammy is. This is a problem of many of the descriptions of places where you will be sailing. If I don’t know where it is, then I will into be able to tell from your email. I may tag along on Saturday, but only because Guy has mentioned it to me and will let me know where to show up. I am hoping to catch a little something before the season ends!

    Cheers, -Jeff

    PS Perhaps we need to add some ice sailing seasons in the graphic below, but at least Think we are heading for Third Winter!


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