Sailing In Canada

On the north shore of Prince Edward Island, at Cove Head Bay, iceboats have been sailing on and off over the past few days. If you look closely at the photo you’ll see some patches of ice between the snow. With the winds they get, coming straight down from the Labrador over the Straights Of Belle Isle, blowing through that snow shouldn’t be a problem.

They’ve been building a nice fleet of boats over the past few years, mainly Nites and DN’s. There is one Yankee in the fleet, new this season.

They were expecting light snow last night, and then a gale of wind today to either blow it off or pack it down.

How it looked yesterday. Commodore Peter Maclaine will give an update soon. It appears the snow last night might have slipped away to the south. Lots of snow headed their way next week so this might be a good opportunity.

We’re getting another big dump in Maine tomorrow which will set back out wet-out a bit, but don’t give up yet!

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