Pushaw Report: ON

Conditions are still looking good for A SUNDAY- MONDAY sail on Pushaw. Light rain this afternoon and overnight will improve what’s left of the snow, and cooler temps Saturday night should set it up. Here’s how it looks now:

Below, the depth of slush:

Pretty remarkable considering how warm it’s been.
Below, the launch at Goulds Landing is tight to the shore. No evidence of water around the edge:

Here’s the long view.

Ron Logan took a long ski tour and found 14”-17” thickness, and no obvious hazzards anywhere. The west winds forecast over the two day period will make for easy reaching top to bottom if everything is safe. A little boring perhaps, but I’m sure we can deal with it. If conditions permit and we have the boats, then the Hundred Mile Race on Monday should be done by lunch!

If we get more reports tomorrow morning there will be a follow up post, but for now this is it. A little hungry for ice? Come feast at the Pushaw table!

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