Magic On Moosehead, April 8&9th

More fabulous sailing for which words can do nothing to convey. Endless ice, perfect surface, great wind, April sunshine, plenty of ice sailing buddies to share the joy. Still no pressure ridges. Denis and Frank had similar conditions at Lac Ste Francois in Quebec, logging 110 miles.

Once the fleet came to terms with the big winds, we headed upwind to Kineo for a farewell toast. Micheal Young brought along his vintage Raspberry Cordial for the occasion. The glasses were set into the ice so the wind wouldn’t take them. We were also required to bend down before the mighty rock to accept its offering.

Again the sublime run back down. Careful readers might get the impression that this sail is becoming routine, but it will never get old. Just be sure to stop at least once next time you do it, just to look around, take in the vast distances and marvel in the tranquility in the heart of the wind. The mountains in the distance make everything quiet.

The big news of the weekend is about the kids. Nine year old Charlotte Gabarino in her new Ice Opti, delivered by Uncle T, Zoe, 13, in her grandfather’s Lockley Skimmer (while he, Steve Kasloff, sailed Lloyd’s old Cheapskate).
and Luke Ralph, 18, who’s showed up now and then in the past few years. Each one of these kids turned in a stellar performance.

Luke joined us in the Long Way to Kineo in the strong winds and managed to bring both himself and the DN back in one piece. Exceptional bit of boat control while still sailing fast.

Zoe and Steve were the first boats out, and while the grown-ups dithered about what sail, or even TO sail, she was out there ripping it up. One of the skippers in the pits, eager to go, having not seen them in a while, went out to see if they were ok. Both yachts were zipping along luffing like mad but loving it. After a check up they peeled off in a flash to have lunch in the lee of an island.

What a good grand-dad.

And away she goes. Can you see the grin? We’ve had some exceptional ladies in Lockley’s this season.

Back in the Greenville Bay Uncle T was tutoring Charlotte in the finer points of iceboat sailing. She takes part in a summer sailing program just there, so knows about wind direction, tillers and such. That was Saturday. This morning she woke early and couldn’t wait to get back in the boat. Second lesson: waiting for the wind. It didn’t fill in until about eleven. Temps were forecast to hit 40 by 1:00.

We had a narrow window to get out as far as we dared and then get back. Seemed a reasonable shot to get around into Moose Bay and visit Bob Bartlett, owner of Lloyd’s old Cool Tool. Eben hadn’t see the old girl since hard head to head racing many years ago, so we went to pay our respects. Bob was in, working on the house. He offered a tour, but the slush clock was winding down so Eben gave Cool Tool a pat and we headed out.

Too late. The clock had run out. But the wind held, and with everyone wearing slush runners it was fine sail of shallow angles back down to Greenville.

The other clock has run out, too. It appears the season is done. Even with 22” of ice there, extreme warmth is about to beset the lake. So we caught the last train out of Greenville and bid the big lake farewell until next year:

Because, as we all know, there is always Moosehead.

So sit back and listen to the Lady sing. Visualize your best sail of the year. It’s waiting for you right there behind your closed eyes.

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    You’re an incredible writer- I felt as if I was there! Will and I are heading up to Lac Jacques Cartier in a few days to catch some more ice- Quebec will, hopefully, deliver the goods. Cheers, Kim

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