Meanwhile, on Chickawaukee

While the young bucks (and young buck at heart Jory) were cavorting on Maguntacook the members of CIBC’s old fart squadron were quite happily blasting about on dear old Chicky. By a vote at the end of the day it was decided to come back Sunday for more of the same — with possibly some friendly sailing around marks — rather than decamping for Meguntaciook,. The major event today was the maiden sail of John Eastman’s new old Mead, a thing of beauty built by Bill Buchholz, which sailed as well as it looked. Fred Wardwell had a great time sailing his skeeter while a group of his friends sailed his Gambit. Frank Able sailed his Gambit Half-Fast very fast, and Doug Fowle’s Super Skimmer had never gone as fast, Also sailing was Bill Bunting in his Nite Red Herring, and of course Lloyd, rocketing about in Cool Tool. Bill and Lloyd decided that they had both reached the state of mind where they decided they were going faster than they really wanted to, and resorted to storm sails. The fire at the beach was hot, the smoke smelled homey, and the beans were excellent. We would welcome anyone who cares to join the old fart fleet on Sunday, but probably we won’t get going much before a gentlemanly 11 AM, after having perused the Sunday paper.

Bill Bunting

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