Megunticook Sunday, and Sebago

Buckets of wind yesterday kept the fleet huddled behind the point at Bailey’s Cove yesterday. The tall pines were working hard to remain tall and not fall. We’d poke our bow runners out every now and then for a hit and if we managed to get out of the Broads and into the Western Reach in one piece we could tack north where there are plenty of relaxing lees. As long as you didn’t get nailed by a gust on a lee shore things worked out.

Dave Buckley had his outhaul destruct and get launched into low orbit, and John Eastman snapped the pennant on his reefed sail causing the halyard to scurry for cover inside the mast. He dashed home for a plumbers chase and was back out there for another good thrashing within the hour. Our Canadian friends, who had been calling for more wind the day before, decided they had a long drive ahead of them and quit while they were ahead.

Trying to get back to the pits the long way around.

Mike Acebo from Long Island in his modified J-14. C. Rindlaub photos

Looks like all kinds of precipitation in the next few days with a warming spell at the end. This might Zamboni Damariscotta for next weekend. Also, Tom Childs send this report from Sebago:

The boys and I sailed lower bay of Sebago today. The entire bay is 4-5” of clean glorious rock-hard ICE!! There are rough spots along the shore and other areas, but my estimate would be that 70-80% is 8+ with areas of 10+ (Can you believe that…10+!). WARNING: the main body of the lake is wide open. Use common sense and stay well in bounds of the lower bay proper. Also, there is a good sized pressure ridge along the westerly side of the bay. Cross it with caution and you may find some of that 10+ stuff we all need once in a while. Anyway, if anyone has the day off tomorrow, they would be wise to take advantage of this spectacular, early, plate of wintery goodness.

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