Where to Sail 2/2/13?

Scott Woodman took a long walk on Damariscotta and found that there is still 7″-11″ of hard clear ice. Not qiute black, but nearly transparent. Drain holes have skimmed over and might be solid by Saturday given the temps forecast. They will need to be scouted before any serious ripping around occurs. He calls the surface an 8+, with minimal ripples.

Lloyd has called sailing On for Chicky, which means beans and bread. So it looks like another split fleet weekend. As of this writing, we plan to have boats on Damariscotta tomorrow. Snow is forecast for late Sunday so we might get two days out of it, although the wind is supposed to blow all kinds of directions but at moderate velocities (phewww) for a change.

Anything changes, you’ll be the second to know!

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