Damariscotta ON for Friday, 3/15

Keeping in mind all of Lloyds excellent advise from the previous post, the Intrepid will indeed be sailing tomorrow on Damariscotta. The surface was still hard enough at noon today for plates, and tonight’s temps will make it that much better for tomorrow. Best wind and ice in the morning; poor wind forecast for Saturday. The ice is eleven inches of lousy quality, not something to drive a truck on, but should hold iceboats. There are open leads around rocks, points and islands which are thin well beyond the water’s edge. Stay clear. No drain holes were observed in the main pack. The water is probably running straight down through the ice. If you were hoping for just one more day, this is the one!

And here’s the news from Quebec:

Latest news from Lac Saint-Francois in Lambton: my spy told me that all the snow is gone, and there is 1-2 cm of slush and water on the ice. Forecast for tomorrow PM talks about 1″ of snow, 60% probability. But the good thing is that it is becoming a lot colder for the weekend: friday 10F-27F. Saturday 14F – 27F. Sunday 10F – 19F…. With winds between 10 and 16 mph. We should have all we need to sail all weekend. And this lake is really fun to sail. Big ice, with good windy areas.

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