Whizz #5 Ready To Go

With all the interminable details behind him, Frank is ready for the ice. He’s so excited he was around back of the shop the other day coveting the ice in the rain barrel. Who wouldn’t be chomping at the bit with so fine a boat as this?

We now have five Whizz on the ice in New England. Let’s try to pull together at least one C Class regatta this coming season. Even though all the Whizz skippers tend toward the cruising side, a little good natured racing will hone sailing skills across the board.

The boom looks to be just the right hight. Frank will tuck his elbows in, drop deeper into the cozy cockpit, sheet in and go fast! Thank you Henry Bossett for yet another fine sail.

Frank has now set the bar very high for club spirit. For years it was Fred Wardwell’s CIBC sonotube finned rocket carrying DN gear on his roof racks. Now we have this:

Nice Job, Frank!

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1 Response to Whizz #5 Ready To Go

  1. iceratz says:

    Nice to see another Whizz out there! Beautiful colors and craftsmanship!
    It’s my professional opinion that the rig should be stepped back a bit further, CE over CL!
    Maybe under loads it will be just perfect.

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