Long Island Happenings

Our man on the island Mike Acebo sends interesting news. The Ronkonkoma club will have their first gathering, a swap meet, on the 2nd Sat in December at Weeks Shipyard in Patchogue. Mike sails the J-14 RUBY that we see often here in Maine. His latest project is to build a softer plank:

“I am finishing up a new plank for #242 using a tapered, lightened poplar core with Sitka skins (25 lbs.). Will see how it sails compared to the original ash, poplar, ash (heavy) plank I have been using.”

And speaking of heavy gear, check out this roof rack system. Mike is in a curious situation in that the ferry from Long Island to Connecticut charges a small fortune for hauling a trailer, so LI iceboaters wanting to sail on the mainland are limited car topping. But this cool rig might find broad use, especially if you can pull into the garage, disconnect the rack from the car, and hoist the whole package overhead.

(Note the boat show in the background…)

And ready to go.

Meanwhile, Pete Humphrey and Dave Perry are getting close to closing in their pair of new J-14’s. Sails are on order, and it looks like they are ready to cut out the oak sides. We hope to see them on the ice this season.

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