State Of The Sport Report

Dave Fortier, Lee Spiller and a few others sailed Jordan Bay on Sebago today in a light southerly. They crossed the pressure ridge and beat out nearly to Squaw Island, but the light wind kept them from going much further. There was a bit of shell ice, but nothing major. Tips of the hemet all around to Lee for scouting this plate yesterday.

We had a nice breeze here along the coast, which looks like the pattern for tomorrow before the snow arrives late tomorrow and into Sunday morning. The coast will get rain, Moosehead a dusting, and then the Northwesterly piles in behind the frontal passage, along with long awaited cold temps.

I will be checking Megunticook in the morning hoping that the plate has survived, access is possible, and cool temps will fix it up for Sunday. Moosehead is still on reserve, Sebago seems likely to be snowed out. Ron Buzzel anticipates 3-6″ on Sunapee. So, while some brave and gallant iceboaters are heading west for the North Americans, the rest of us should plan on heading north!

Please watch the forecasts and see if there is anything we should know about.

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