Real Time Winds

While we’re scouring the forecasts, here’s a little gem that not only shows the winds in real time, but you can almost get stoned watching it. The zoom will take you to about a 500 mile circle anywhere on the globe, and you can watch wind direction and velocity to your heart’s content. The lows look like whirlpools.

Lake Megunticook has 15″ of fairly strong ice in the broads with only an occasional drain hole, about like Jordan Bay, but now covered with an inch of fresh snow which renders the skimmed over drain holes invisible. So now it’s up to Kevin Grindle, closer to the edge of the snowfall, to get Walker Pond in shape for the masses of iceboaters just straining to bust loose, haul a sheet and fly a runner. We’ll know more tomorrow about South Twin and Moosehead, also on the marge.

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