South Twin ON

Rick, host of Five Lakes Lodge, tells us they got an inch of dry snow, and that the ice under it is both thick and “relatively smooth”. I didn’t ask him relative to what, but he knows what iceboaters need as we’ve been there often. A couple of us are planning to go up tomorrow, arriving around nine. The forecast for Tuesday looks good, too, with full sun although a bit colder. There is room at the inn and they make a breakfast that will feed the furnace all day. Launch is on Rt. 11, just opposite the lodge. Please don’t use the lodge ramp if you are not a guest there. We want to keep these folks on our good side.

South Twin last year, with Mt. Kahtadin in the background. We’ve sailed only a small part of this vast system because by the time we usually get there in March the northern end has blown out. Tomorrow, with solid intelligence from the snowmobilers, we may be able do as MLK, Jr. did and “go to the mountain!”

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