Sebago Tomorrow

Lee Spiller and Dave Fortier sailed Sebago from Nasons Beach today and came back glowing, crowing about grade 7 ice as far as they could see. They sailed nearly all the way across to Frye Island, but came back as the wind was feeling unreliable. Tomorrow calls for 10kt NW, sunny, high of 20. Curtis Rindlaub and I will join them there at around 10:00.

Nasons Beach is on the west side, about 2/3 of the way up the lake. Drive on access.

The DN worlds are starting about now in Estonia; good luck to T, Eben and Olliver!

Your correspondent and his wife on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa this past weekend. You could sail an iceboat on this five mile sliver of urban ice were it not for all the skaters!

What we couldn’t do on Chicky with a couple of rigs like this:

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