Sebago 2/3

Do you see the iceboat? Yea, it’s just like that. And with today’s wind the photographer could have jumped back into his boat, hauled the sheet, and fell in with the distant spec in less than a minute. It was that kind of day. Go anywhere you want as fast as you felt like. And all of us felt like going just as fast and as far as we could. The plate has areas of thin bonded snow defined by wide lanes of excellent ice. With the 10-15kt breeze today one could sail through the snowy spots, but with all the available ice it was much more fun to tour the avenues.

Once across the pressure ridge just off Nason’s Beach, the next north-south ridge is about half way to Frye Island, making gradually off the the east before levelling out at the Dingly Islands. Just south of Nason’s in an east-west ridge with poorer ice to the south of it.

Seven people showed up: Don Stern is back after a sabbatical, Dennis Glidden, Curtis Rindlaub, Dave Fortier, Lee Spiller and Karin. Dave has plans to host a regatta here this coming weekend, so stand by for updates.

Attemping a line-up during a light-air down wind tour between the E-W ridge and a field of snow. Oddly for the NW wind, it started out light, 5-8, and built as the day went on. On the drive home flags were sharp all at attention.

Dave wants to send lots of love to whomever it is that designed the Super DN. The Orange boat was feeling his oats today and actually caused Whizzard to break a sweat more than once…

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