Wrapping Up On Damariscotta

Bill Bunting sent in this report of today’s sailing:

Ramblin’ Roger the Ice Gypsy, with DN Gingerbreadman; Scott Woodman, with pocket skeeter Yellow Bird; Ben Fuller with the antique gaff-rigged sternsteerer Tipsey; and yours truly with Nite # 86, Red Herring, enjoyed sailing on Dammy today. The light south wind softened the snow ice crust just enough so that ones teeth did not rattle when hitting the reefs at speed, while the lanes of smooth, dark ice that ran through them provided magical, velvet acceleration. Sailing alongside Tipsey and Yellow Bird, I realized how fortunate we are to have such very different yet equally admirable creations in our fleet. At about 3.30, seemingly in a matter of minutes, the crust turned to slush, but all made it back to the farm under sail, including Roger, who had doubled the Narrows Passage. I was very pleased that he had when I realized that my battery was dead — Roger travels with all the necessities of life packed in his caravan, including a set of heavy duty jumper cables.

Bill Bunting

Myself, I went back to work this morning as the forecast had no wind, thus violating the prime maxim: show up and pray. The wind filled in nicely after lunch until I could take it no more, so hitched up the trailer and went to Megunticook to set up. The SE wind blew right up the Western Way, and filled the Broads perfectly. The ice is probably not as nice as Damariscotta, but it was the first time this season with a boat on Megunticook and well worth the effort.

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