Got Ice, Searching For Surface

Ramblin’ Roger and the Telephone Bills took an optimistic shot at Damariscotta today. At first glance it looked fabulous. At second glance, sailable with slush runners, which I did while waiting for the others. Third glance found Bunting stuck in a deep puddle. He had added ballast against the stiff breeze and it might have been what sunk the boat. Asa Bunting always says: “if there’s water out there, I’ll find it!” We pushed Red Herring through the shell and water, back to solid ice, thankful that it was a glorious spring day in the high thirties as my feet were completely soaked. While Bill and Roger went to de-rig I found a solid plate just outside the pits and had fun riding the strong gusts for a while longer.

Boats are on the ice, Chris Connary has installed his new spring board, and we expect the snow tomorrow to be followed with rain overnight with temps in the high twenties. The ice will probably not be ready on Sunday the same way it wasn’t ready today, but Sunday night will be in the single digits and Monday and Tuesday are shaping up to be great, but a chance of snow Wednesday. Continued cold all week should bring us nicely to the weekend for the Maine States.

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