Stu Nelson’s Service

Stu’s wife Judy sent this invitation to all of us at the CIBC. All who can make should please go. Stu’s hospitality was epic. Lloyd and I stayed with the Nelsons during the once-in-decade conditions on Winnie in 2010. For a week, Stu fed us, entertained us with iceboating stories and photos, and then led us through the islands on a fantastic tour of the northwest corner of the lake. I first met Stu at the Narrows on Damariscotta Lake. It was my first year with a new boat and he came right up and exclaimed what a beauty she was. There is no greater compliment than to praise a man’s boat (with the exception of his wife, of course…).
The greatest memorial we can erect in Stu’s honor is to emulate his enthusiasm, humility, kindness, and his wicked good ice scouting nose. Lloyd’s note to Judy is below:

Stu died on Sun. at 7:30 pm. We are having a Memorial Service Fri. at 11 AM at the Congregational Church in Laconia. Please send this our to all his great friends in Chickawaukee. The best to you and your family Love, Judy

Judy and Stu; I was told and I called you some time ago and can’t improve on wishing you both God’s blessing and the strength to get through the ordeal. We will all miss him, he has been part of my memories of iceboating for decades and will remain firmly lodged there.

Love to you both, Lloyd

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