A Little More History

First, a quick note to mention that Toleman Pond was frozen around the edges late this afternoon. How much ice was there in the morning we’ll never know but the lakes are tuning themselves up!

Paul Zucco was so taken by this exceptional example of twentieth century illustration that he searched on ebay for a copy of the magazine, found one, and informs me that the year is 1937. Skeeters were a new breed at that time, so this must have been a very cutting edge publication.

There has been quite a lot of local chat about the Cheapskate and her lateen rig. Here is a long, scholarly, but interesting discussion of the history of iceboating in Toronto. They adopted the Lateen rig early and never “evolved” to the gaff sloop rig so typical of the Hudson River fleet. In spite of the fact that he lateen rigged Vixen was a great success, local builders kept on doing what they had always done, and it took the development of the bow steerer and a Depression to end the reign of the mighty stern steerers. Thanks to Lee Spiller for sending it in. Don’t be intimidated by its length. Take a deep breath and just start. You won’t put it down:


Just like the headline says, Doug Raymond’s friend Brianna Partridge, below, heard the call and has signed up as a new CIBC member. Welcome Brianna! It look like Doug’s boat, and we love the sail.

Back to the future, we have word from Quebec that the Polar Vortex is sniffing around their door. Denis Guertin will soon begin to check his small local lakes and report to us here. He sends along this little vignette from last season to help get the juices flowing:


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