Plymouth Pond 11/21

Our connection to Plymouth Pond goes back so far in the CIBC that it feels like it just came with the club. Certainly all the people who sail with the club get to know this early bloomer well. It’s like you get the Newsletter, Lloyd’s beans and Plymouth as soon as you sign up. And now she’s back. Not the thickness we’d hoped for yesterday. I might have been a bit off judging the ice thickness by the jowls of a dog, or else it was a really big dog. Who knows, but the bottom line is that we have 1.5″ of very uniform clear black ice as of this afternoon. Grade ten hands down, except for thickness which probably disqualifies from the ratings system. The area by the bridge is more frozen than usual, but on the far side from where the woods end all the way to Grassy Point there is a strip of open water. We checked it along side the road well away from the pits and found the same 1.5″. It was easily walkable without zippering. Weather forecast for Plymouth: .TONIGHT…CLEAR. LOWS AROUND 12. WEST WINDS 10 TO 15 MPH WITH GUSTS UP TO 25 MPH

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