11/22 Plymouth Pond

I get to keep the ax: 2.5″ all over the pond. There are two open holes and one sealed hole out in the middle, in addition to the open water along the eastern shore. Some of that has frozen, but it’s still very obviously a trouble spot. The holes in the middle have been marked with branches and one basketball. They are directly out from the pits and a bit to the right.
Bob, Karl, Deborah and a gang of skaters did endless tours around the perimeter while a gaggle of wings sailed the middle. The SW wind was gusty and shifty; more like our winter NW, but with an honest grade ten flashing along under the skates there was nothing to complain about.

Rick Hobbs made the trip from Massachusetts for the day, Cam Lewis, Jory and I rounded out the sailing fleet while Lloyd skated around chopping holes pondering the structure of the ice. He marveled at the miniature pressure ridge at the south end being pushed up by such a thin plate. All kinds of magic this day.

But Frank and Denis get the prize for first CIBC boats on the ice. There was enough wind on Lac Abenakis to drive them through the thin snow and keep a grin frozen to Frank’s face. They will set up their new Whizz’s tomorrow if the weather allows.

Our weather is a bit bleak: 45 degrees at noon with a 4kt wsw. It goes downhill from there all week until next weekend when we spend some more time in the land down under (freezing). Not sure if this plate will survive the week and need to start from scratch, so we will be setting up boats tomorrow. Jory is hot to try out his new rig, and what’s wrong with pushing an iceboat around in light air, full sun, and in the forties? If you want to come, best to make it early. The wind will be slightly better and the ice harder. Also, it’s just the kind of day one needs to shake down the boat and make sure all the bits and pieces are there.

The perfect tow-behind ice checking tool trailer. This ice has less of the heavy crystal facets we see on Plymouth usually. We just didn’t have the heart to chop with an ax this beautiful stuff.

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