Pushaw Pond Ice Report 12/19

Bob Lombardo skated around Pushaw today and shares this report and photos:

Okay here we go. Karl and I skated about 2hrs today around the perimeter of the new plate that slushed out and froze up . Its big, but not 5056 acres, maybe 1/3 of that. The good stuff is about 1/2 off of Goulds Landing which I will show a photo of. You will maybe need an 8′ plank in morning but maybe not, 14 degrees tonight and I almost was able to stand on the moat. The ice from shore out to the to good stuff is white with some slush underneath, and may not be solid in the morning so it may be a struggle to get out of the cove. Not being an ice boater or ice specialist I can’t say. But if you can get out there, which I know you can, then there is lots of firm grey orange peel ice to sail on. Pressure ridges yes, and you will have to scout them. The thing with them now is they are slushed over and some are hard to spot, but at 14 tonight you may be able to sail right over them. Goulds Landing is at the end of Essex St., the same Essex St. that runs thru Bangor. Best to drive outer Broadway past the shopping center and take one of those right hand turns that will take you over to Essex and then head out of town. Call me with questions 944-6802. Unless of course you have somewhere else to sail. I feel like I am going out on a limb but the ice is so nice to see after that shit weather yesterday. The pickpole hole and measure stick measures about 6″ mixed bag.

So there you have it. Thanks Bob. Any takers for this? North winds 5-10 forecast. Get the phones ringing!

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