Pushaw 12/20

Nobody else showed up this morning, so after checking in with the Skaters to see if they were coming I started to rig. I figured their presence would satisfy the “don’t sail alone” rule. Turns out the bow runner was left at home, so I took one of my ice skates, found a block of 1″ wood, jammed it into the bow chock and lashed the skate to it. The boat would go straight, but wouldn’t turn. There were a few cracks around the island in the background, so I decided it was best if I went back. Had a nice downwind sail until I found that I was in the wrong bay and had to stop at a house to ask directions. One of the challenges of a variegated shoreline on an unknown lake.

There are a few who will try tomorrow in spite of the poor wind forecast. It’s a beautiful lake, a little complicated (like many beautiful things), and will be fun to explore.

I’d call the surface a five: not lovely but very sailable. See the directions to Gould’s Landing at the end of Essex Avenue in yesterday’s post. Set-up between 9:30 & 10:00. Pray for wind. Thanks to David and Karen Godin for this quick look at the worst crack:

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