Where We’re At

No wind on Pushaw Lake today, and as we couldn’t muster enough hope to pray we stayed home and did Christmas stuff. We are hoping the plate survives this next storm. This lake just cries out to be sailed and explored. But the ice on Sebec Lake is the best I’ve seen so far, and I would advocate for that venue post storm:

Sebec Lake Webcam

Is there anybody out there willing to drive to Dover-Foxcroft in the next day or two to have a look? CIBC used to sail there quite a bit. Please give me a call: 975-6980.

Doug Raymond and his daughter got some sailing in today on on Woodbury Pond in Litchfield. It happens to be right out Brianna’s back door, and they had just enough wind. Atop Mt. Washington today they had a 15mph breeze. This is basically light and variable for them, and means generally no wind to speak of anywhere in New England.

Notice the nice plank compression and boom bend.

And just if you have any doubt as to how much fun iceboating can be, check out these guys. DO try this at home:

▶ Ice boat Ледовый буер – YouTube

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