David Godin did a fly-over of Pushaw today and send a video clip which did not come through on the recent post.

Meanwhile, here’s news on Jeff Kester’s runner project:

I have received them back from the heat treater and am starting to edge. I have 2 extra sets of three:

· 1.4028 chromium martensitic stainless steel

· 0.246” thick

· RC 52-53

· Styled after Jack Jacobs alligators

· 42” side runners and 34” steer

This is a knife stainless steel, it has better corrosion resistance than 440C and at this hardness has much higher impact resistance. I am interesting in selling in any of the following conditions:

· Cut, Heat Treated, Straightened $ 550/set available now

· Cut, Heat Treated, Straightened, surface sanded, & edged $1175/set available within 4 weeks

· Complete with Carbon over wood core stiffeners $1850/set Ready for next season

I am edging mine to 80 degrees and have 90, 95, and 105 degree options as well. I added a reversing switch to my runner sander so both sides will be sanded from the same direction, this should make centering the edge more accurate.


Jeff Kester

716 499-9175

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