Pushaw update

Bob Lombardo kindly sent this in after his and Karl’s long skating tour of Pushaw Lake:

The big pressure ridges [2 of them] have healed over and frozen shut. There are 2 points where water started to leak but off into the middle not much happening as of 11AM today. Wind really picked up and the ice started to soften at that time of day so we got off giving us a 3hr skate top to bottom of lake [thats 9mi. up and 9 down] 5056 acres of hard black to gray ice. We were going to grade the south end this morning as a #10 not knowing anything about grading until we got up into the north end and had to downgrade the south to a 9 because up north the ice is gorgeous. Maybe the dial could go up to 11? What can I say its really nice ice. Get here early and prepare for softening ice at around noon if its same forecast as today.

Bottom line is bring slush runners just in case, even though it’s supposed to be a bit cooler tomorrow. Anybody coming?

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