A Change Is Gonna Come!

Watching these coastal lakes wet out over the pst 48 hrs is like watching an old fashioned soft water sailboat race: great drama at slow speed. Local lakes are now about 50-50 grade 3 ice punctuated with piles of persistent snow. But great things are happening on The Sebago. Phil Lowe sent us observations from his front porch just north of Nason’s Beach. Anyone who wants to take a chance on the light air forecast just give me a call.

Just grabbed this thread to get a note off to you. Big changes on big Sebago. After much snow melt yesterday which produced three inches of water/ slush on top, the main lake is now in the process of refreezing. There is now a one inch hard ice surface, two inches of slush under that, and then the old ice plate. It is walkable with cracking. I’m sure there must be some drain holes here and there but this may be a window of sailing opportunity. It is supposed to go down to the mid single numbers tonight, so ice is certain to be hard in the morning. The wind was great today but the surface was not all refrozen. Tomorrow the winds look light. Good luck and happy sailing. Phil
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